LEVEL 1 UPDATE: Anxiety NZ will continue to provide support for kids, teens, adults and families over all Alert Levels.  All clinical services will continue to be available over Level 4 or 3 with ZOOM or phone appointments. We can offer online or in-person at our St Lukes service in Level 2 and 1.


Our Peer Support Services have the flexibility to meet online as needed. Our Resilience Programs may run online or be postponed until groups can meet in person depending on what best suits the families.

If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or suspected close contact then please do not visit the clinic in person. You can contact us by text, email or phone to arrange online support if needed. 

As we move between Levels it’s important to connect with good support and use regular, helpful self-care activities to help support resilience and health. Please call our free 24/7 National 0800 Anxiety Helpline (0800 ANXIETY / 0800 269 4389).


For support, more resources are available:

- Mental Health Foundation Covid19 resources >

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Are you finding it difficult to control worries about the virus? Download our guides to help you reduce and stress and anxiety. We have also provided guides from the World Health Organisation for adults and children.

If you or a loved one are feeling unsure or overwhelmed, you can also call our

free 24/7 national Anxiety Helpline on 0800 269 4389 (0800 ANXIETY).

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Anxiety NZ is focused on prioritising the health and safety of our clients and community. Our service has a range of strengths that can help in this time of change. 


For this reason, our clinical team are now offering online therapy with registered psychologists for people who would benefit from support while at home using ZOOM or phone.  Peer Support Groups are held online supported by a range of resources a closed Facebook Group. Please download the ‘Consent Form for Online Therapy or Medical Appointment’ form for more information on this. Our clinic continues to provides (online) services and we are following the Ministry of health’s guidelines closely. 

Our free 24/7 Helpline 0800 269 4389 (0800 ANXIETY). is available now and we are encouraging people to call for help with anxiety management.

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As a non-profit registered charity, we need your support to continue providing our vital services. Support us and become part of the solution by donating through our Give A Little page.

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Include a bequest in your Will to be certain that your final act of generosity will help people who suffer from mental health issues. Big or small, your bequest will be greatly appreciated. Making a Will helps to ensure your specific wishes are honoured – that the people and places that are meaningful to you are supported. A legacy gift to Anxiety New Zealand Trust can make a long lasting difference in the lives of children, youth and adults in New Zealand. Download a Will Bequest form. 



Clinic Volunteers underpin our ability to support up to 25,000 people per year and we are hugely thankful for the generosity and goodwill of all volunteers who have supported the day to day running of the organisation. Anxiety NZ has a limited number of placements each year for volunteers to support administration and community education.


Tasks vary and include a range of activities that support the smooth operation of a busy mental health organisation. There are places for volunteers in administration, community education or fundraising.  Based on the amount of training and support we provide we hope to provide the opportunity to volunteers who are able to commit to a minimum of 4 hours per week for a minimum of 12 months. The Trust hopes to provide a valuable experience and a safe place to learn new skills and knowledge while giving back to a community organisation that  greatly appreciates the support. For further details email Sarah at:  

The 24/7 Helpline volunteers

Our 24/7 Anxiety Helpline is often the front line of our services, providing a vital point of contact for those experiencing anxiety, and for their family and friends. Our volunteers receive full training but suitable applicants would meet a certain level of mental health study or work experience (e.g. suits university psychology students who are at least in their 2nd year of study or anyone with a Level 4 Mental Health qualification). Volunteers also need to be responsible, reliable, and have excellent people skills as the role involves communicating with highly distressed and at risk individuals. A commitment of at least 1 year of helpline shifts and monthly meeting attendance is required. 

For further details email Goldie our Helpline manager at: 

Specialist volunteers

Anxiety NZ is incredibly grateful for the longstanding support of specialist IT volunteers and accounting volunteers. If you have specific skills or knowledge, experience with fundraising, marketing, community education, projects or business we warmly welcome you to get in touch.

If you would like to apply for a volunteer or internship position please email your CV and volunteer application form to


Please note, that as a charity that works with vulnerable people, we are required to conduct a police check for all volunteers. All volunteers will also be asked to review and sign a code of conduct agreement, IT use policy, confidentiality agreement and reference checks may be made.



Harmful levels of anxiety in the workplace if left untreated can lead to both physical and mental health issues, with potentially severe repercussions for those who are experiencing it.

Increased anxiety amongst workers also has repercussions for your company as it can affect the productivity and creativity of the workplace, spread anxiety to other workers and lower quality and efficiency. A major cause of workplace anxiety is task overload, closely followed by dealing with change, conflict & role ambiguity. .

It can also lead to absenteeism and scenario known as ‘presenteeism’ – when employees are at work but not functioning at a normal level. The costs of ‘presenteeism’ were five to ten times higher than for absenteeism. 

Support program 

In exchange set levels of sponsorship, we can devise a range of services that you can offer your organisation and staff. We are entirely flexible, and if you feel you need to tailor a package to suit your organisation, we will be happy to discuss this with you further and devise a bespoke range services to suit your requirements. Call us to discuss this further or download our Anxiety In The Workplace pamphlet. Click on the image below. 

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Globally and in New Zealand the construction industry has one of the highest incidences of mental health issues and suicides than any other industry.

For construction workers, the causes are often related to years of hard physical exertion and pain, intense pressure to meet deadlines, exposure to risky and often dangerous situations, adapting to ever changing health and safety regulations, seasonal work, fragmented income and working in isolation. 

For architects, engineers and project managers the triggers can be similar but are also related to intense budget pressures, continuously adapting to strict building regulations, tight project schedules, financial risk, failure to deliver resulting in humiliation and shame.


We also offer sponsorship packages tailored for construction industry organisations to help prevent and treat employees experiencing anxiety. Call us to discuss this further or download our Anxiety In The Construction Industry pamphlet. Click on the image below. 

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We are a non-profit registered charity and we’d like to acknowledge the tremendous support we receive from the following organisations. Their partnership with The Anxiety New Zealand Trust is vital and their continued support enhances our services to you.

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We are deeply thankful for the support of Lindsay Foundation to help us purchase urgent and essential technology to enable clinical, peer support and community education services to continue over the four week COVID-19 lockdown period. Their support, when we greatly needed it, directly assisted 6250 people to connect with support over the initial four week lock-down period. Their donation also enabled us to develop the capacity of all services to work remotely, as needed, which are now ready to meet the future needs in the community of a further and predicted 68,750 people over the coming year.
Lindsay Foundation has partnered with Anxiety New Zealand Trust in a Youth Education Project to engage with Young Kiwi's in developing and delivering engaging content and support for youth (ages 13-23) aimed at increasing social and emotional resilience in online spaces, educating and reducing harmful behaviours around social media such as bullying and harassment and helping young people make the most of online opportunities.

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