The first step for assessment or therapy with a psychologist or Doctor is generally a referral from a GP, doctor, counsellor or other health professional. You can start with a self-referral however we may ask for more info. If you want to join the peer support group only please make a note on the form.


Not all people self-referring may be able to be seen due to clinician availability, the type of support needed and if someone is currently in crisis. *Please note we are not a crisis service - if you need immediate help call 111, or visit the website >

You might be seen faster if you also contact a health professional and ask for a referral. If you have seen someone in the last 6 months you can usually phone them to ask for one at no cost. They can refer on our website, by fax 09 849 2375 or 

Our clinic is closed Sunday/Monday. We are open for appointments 910.00am - 6 pm Mondays, 9.00am - 8.30pm Tues & Wed, 10am - 7pm Thurs, 8.30am - 5pm  Fri & Sat.

Our 24/7 Helpline is 0800 ANXIETY ( 0800 269 4389)

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People with low incomes may be able to get WINZ / Studylink funding for therapy:

Weekly income limits before tax

Single 16-17 years – $549.57

Single 18+ years – $676.61

Married, civil union or de facto couple (with or without children) – $1006.82

Sole parent 1 child – $766.47

Sole parent 2+ children – $807.54

Caregivers of children needing support may receive funding (not income tested)

If you prefer, you can download a printable form for emailing here.
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