Initial Contact

We first need a referral from your GP, mental health practitioner, counsellor, nurse, or other mental health specialist. Please talk to us if you have any problems with getting a referral as we may be able to accept a self-referral.


You may be able to call your GP’s reception and ask for a referral without making an appointment. In some cases your health professional may ask to see you first before they write one. We may accept an existing and recent mental health referral if a copy is sent to us. Referrals can be:


– Photographed or scanned and emailed to

– Posted to: Anxiety NZ, 77 Morningside Drive, St Lukes, Auckland.

– Submitted via HealthLink (most GP practices can do this)

– Or dropped off in person to: Anxiety NZ, 77 Morningside Drive, St Lukes, Auckland.

– Faxed to: 09 849 2375

If you are a health care professional you can go to our referral form here >

Once your referral has been arrived we aim to contact you within the week. You can call us anytime to follow up. Occasionally it may take longer depending on when the referral has been sent in i.e. over the weekend or public holidays.  Once your referral has been processed we will go through a few steps with you including:

– A needs assessment

– A psychiatric assessment

– Treatment options.