Some of our services are free and others have a fee. Children, students and low income earners may access funding for up to 30 appointments with a psychologist. Insurance may apply.

We are not automatically government funded, so we rely on clients paying fees responsibly, or using funding for one-to-one therapy. Payment must be made at each session, unless payment is being made by another funder. We accept cash, EFTPOS, cheques, Visa and MasterCard or bank deposit to 12-3077-0577127-00.

Costs (as of 1st August 2022)

– Mindfulness Workshop 40 min           $0 to $29 per workshop

– Peer Support Groups, 90 min              Free

– 0800 ANXIETY Helpline                     Free

– Printed Resources                               Free

– Needs Assessment, 50 min                 $185 per session

– Psychologist Appointment, 50 min      $185 per session

– After hours and weekends, 50 min       $165 per session


– Psychiatric Assessment (Dr), 50 min    $250 per session

– Psychiatric Follow-up (Dr), 30 min        $185 per session

– Prescription fee + fax & post                 $29

– Under 48-hour cancellation fee           $92.50

-- Under 24-hour cancellation fee           Full cost of appointment

-- DNA 'did not attend' fee                      Full cost of appointment

– Social Anxiety Workshop, 90 min         $80 per session

– Resilience Programme                         $0 - $690 per course

    *Please note, the Resilience program takes place over a few days to 8 week period with varying duration depending on age and type of group. Full or Partial Scholarships may apply for children and young people experiencing disadvantage 

*All therapy includes an extra 10 - 15 mins formulation, planning and note writing before and after the session, by the psychologist



You may be eligible to access funding for part or all of your treatment with us. We've outlined the different types of funding below. When we phone to make your first appointment, make sure you tell us that you need Work and Income or StudyLink funding. You will need some signed paperwork from us which you will need to take into Work and Income or StudyLink or upload to their portal. For some people it can feel overwhelming to understand what you need to do to apply for funding. Please let us know if you need help. Anxiety NZ is here to help and you can also contact WINZ or Studylink for more assistance.

*If you are arranging WINZ or Studylink funding it's important to know that the person using the service (or caregiver of) is responsible for the cost of any services, including any used that isn't covered by the funding. If a debt is incurred and funding ends for any reason, then the outstanding amount is owed directly to Anxiety NZ Trust.

Special Needs Grant (SNG) - $300 one off payment for initial assessments

Anxiety NZ has a special agreement with WINZ and Studylink. This may give you a $300 payment to cover your first two appointments (with a small shortfall of around $20). The payment will be paid directly to Anxiety NZ for you to have a Needs Assessment and appointment with a Doctor.

You can get it if your income and your cash assets are below a certain amount. Anxiety NZ can provide a letter and more information. You do not pay this particular special needs grant back. You can apply on MYMSD or with a WINZ or Studylink appointment.

You can read more here >

A Child May Access Funding - $49.83 weekly (not income tested - any caregiver can apply)

A caregiver may receive $49.83 per week towards the cost of therapy. It doesn't matter what the caregiver's income is. You may get a Child Disability Allowance if:

–  you are the main carer of the child (or if there is no main carer, you have care of the          child for the time being)

– you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident

– The child has been assessed as meeting the criteria - anxiety or other disability                 seriously affecting them for a period of 12 months or more.

– The child or young person is under 18.

In addition you may also get a Disability Allowance - $70.04 weekly. Read more about both here >

An Adult May Access Funding - Work and Income or Studylink (DA and or SNG)

You may receive some funding if you earn less than a certain amount per week (see the earnings threshold at the below) and are:

– A part-time worker or a low income earner.
– Have no income.

– On a benefit.

– A retiree on a pension or superannuation.

Disability Allowance

Benefit type Weekly rate, non-taxable

Standard Disability Allowance - maximum  $70.04

Special Disability Allowance  $43.69

Child Disability Allowance  $52.79

Disability Allowance income limits

Weekly income limits before tax

Single 16 to 17 years   $588.98

Single 18+ years   $733.72

Married, civil union or de facto couple (with or without children)  $1,092.55

Sole parent 1 child  $821.43

Sole parent 2+ children  $865.46

Disability Allowance (DA) - funding weekly towards the cost of therapy

Disability Allowance does not necessarily mean you have to be physically disabled to receive funding - if a mental health issue is stopping you doing the things you want to do, may qualify to receive funding if you are:

– 18 years or older (it doesn’t matter if you live with your parents) then if you are a low income earner you may be able to get funding for therapy.
– 16 – 17 years old and living independently or with a partner you may access funding if you are a low income earner.
– Under 18 and living with a caregiver then your caregiver may access funding for your treatment if your caregiver is a low income earner.

– Below the weekly income limit.

– Normally live in New Zealand and intend to stay here.

– Are not using the maximum DA per week for other health needs, and have not had more than 30 funded counselling appointments, either here or elsewhere. 

You can read more here >

StudyLink Assistance for students

Students may also access funding via StudyLink for New Zealand citizens. You must be:​

– A full-time tertiary student and a low income earner (see threshold above).

You can read more here >

*Please note that service users are responsible for ensuring that funding is arranged, and payment for services is fully completed. Funding is an agreement between a client and WINZ or Studylink.  Any amount remaining at the conclusion of therapy must be settled by the service user. Anxiety NZ may assist with providing and signing paperwork and providing quotes or recommendations for the need for therapy. 


To apply for a SNG, DA or Child DA you will need some information from us to put on the form or in MyMSD if applying online. You can visit here > to read more about forms or download them. Please note that:

  • The SNG is few simple questions which you can do before a first app.

  • A GP needs to fill out part of the DA and Child DA. It's helpful if we mark the sections needed and supply you the forms.

  • One of our therapists will need to sign the Counselling section on the DA form and / or Counselling Certificate. To do this we need a referral for you or first assessment.


In most cases are fully funded through their pre-arranged travel insurance cover. The process is straight forward and we will help. Insurance is often paid as part of their AUT / University fee and many students are unaware they can access treatment they require at no cost. Pre-existing conditions will be excluded.


You will need to check you are funded before seeing us. Depending on your insurance cover you may be funded, although not all insurance contracts cover the cost of doctors OR psychologists. Southern Cross may need you to see our Clinical Psychologist (instead of our general or health psychologists). Please make sure you tell us if you have insurance. 


If another company, organisation or trust is paying for all or some of your treatment we can assist with invoicing and communicating with them with your consent. We may ask you for confirmation of how many sessions / what cost they will cover / and how best to invoice.


At this time you will not be able to use ACC funding at Anxiety NZ Trust. If you would like to meet with a ACC registered clinician for therapy then visit Find Support.