Social Phobia Therapeutic Workshop

16310671_mlWould you like help with Social Anxiety?

Held over 12 weeks on Saturdays in a group therapy setting, we provide effective and practical treatment of Social Phobia at the Anxiety New Zealand Trust, 77 Morningside Drive, St Lukes.

The Anxiety New Zealand Trust also provides support through Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Medication Monitoring, Family Support Groups, Consumer-led Support Groups and a free national0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389) support line.

The workshop is an excellent opportunity to be part of a support group who all have similar experiences and a great way to boost your confidence and assertiveness.

Different facilitators who are experienced in  each  topic, conduct sessions over the 12 weeks. These include Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrist and Family/Whanau supporters. Included topics are Exposure, CBT, Relaxation Techniques, Communication, Toast Master Techniques, Medication discussions and more.

Cost $68 per session and full funding may be available.

By attending you will learn a range of skills to overcome your fears.

We are here for your support.