Tips for Living With Anxiety – Anxiety NZ Trust on Kiwi Living

KL HP_ Monty Bethan 20-05-16


Watch Kiwi Living featuring Anxiety NZ Trust with Dr Plant (MOSS Psychiatry) and Monty Bethan to learn more about anxiety, when help might be needed and positive management strategies you can use. Accompanying the piece are some tips on dealing with anxiety, which you can read here.

Anxiety New Zealand Trust offers treatment, support and education for anxiety, OCD, phobias and depression. Call our free national 24 helpline on 0800 ANXIETY (0800 269 4389) for breathing and relaxation exercises and education over the phone.

Low income earners (even if you are working) may access up to 30 free appointments with a psychologist or psychiatrist / specialist GP at our Auckland based clinic.

Free peer support groups and other resources may also be available. We’re here to help.

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