We have created a fantastic new iPhone Mood Diary App! It’s FREE and you can download it now

What Does the Mood Diary App Do?

The FREE Anxiety New Zealand Trust Mood Diary app allows you to:
  • Test for an indication of anxiety and depression
  • Record and monitor symptoms such as panic attacks, increased heart rate, nausea, dizziness etc.
  • Monitor and rate your sleep quality, medications and triggers
  • Create a ‘Care plan’ to keep you well – and what to do when you are unwell
  • Set up automatic functions  if you do become unwell
  • Set alarms for medications or exercise
  • Record if / when medication has been taken
  • Graph sleep, anxiety and mood and email reports to yourself or a clinician
  • Contact a support person if symptoms become severe
  • Direct dial a free 24 hour 0800 National Support Line
  • Receive information and news about Anxiety Disorders

What Are The Benefits?

You receive:
  • A quick and easy way to monitor and manage your mental health
  • Empowerment! The App gives you the tools and technology to help you control your illness and treatment
  • Provides you with an intimate knowledge of your own mood patterns over time
  • Quick access to key phone numbers in an emergency
  • Diary function eliminates the need to remember medication, as well as psychological and physical exercises

The Anxiety New Zealand Trust Mood Diary app is supported through the generosity of First Sovereign Trust and the Ministry of Health’s Social Media Innovation Fund.