Complaints Procedure

8926962_mlThe Anxiety New Zealand Trust is committed to providing a quality service and respects your rights as a consumer and individual. While we strive to meet your expectations, the Anxiety New Zealand Trust acknowledges that from time to time there may be dissatisfaction with the service provided.

Complaints may be made verbally, or in writing, to any member of staff.

Complainants will be advised at this time, in writing, of the contact details of the Privacy Commissioner, The Health and Disability Commissioner, the District Inspector of Mental Health and Advocacy Services, and you can contact any of these services at any time. 

All complaints will be given to the Chief Executive Officer. Should the complaint relate to the Chief Executive Officer then to the Chairman of the Trust Board.

The Chief Executive Officer / Chairman will make contact with you within 24 hours. Should this not be possible the reason will be documented and contact made as soon as possible.

The complaint may be discussed on the telephone, or an appointment made for this purpose, as required by your needs.

The discussion will establish details of the complaint, and the requested remedy.

The Chief Executive Officer / Chairman will undertake such investigation as they deem appropriate, within two weeks of the discussion above, and prepare a written report.

The report, including any proposed action, will be presented to you, verbally and in writing, within thre weeks.

Should you not find the response acceptable, you can approach the Anxiety New Zealand Trust board for resolution.

Should the matter still not be resolved then, by mutual consent, the matter will be settled by binding arbitration.