Name Change For Phobic Trust

North Island’s only Consumer Led NGO dedicated to Anxiety treatment announces exciting change

The Phobic Trust is proud to announce that it has formally changed its name to Anxiety New Zealand Trust.

Anxiety New Zealand Trust CEO, Vivienne Euini, says the change has come about for a number of important reasons, including a need to better clarify the organization’s breadth of services.

“[With the previous name], no one understood what we did. If anything, they thought we only treated phobias – but we’re so much more,” she explains. “Having ‘anxiety’ in the name encapsulates more of what we do.”

Including “New Zealand” in the new name was also important to the decision-making process, according to Euini, in that it signifies the Trust’s plans to grow into a national organization.

“Our goal is to have clinics throughout the country – and we already operate a 24-hour free national phone line,” she says.

The meaning behind the updated logo is “personal growth, peace and prosperity,” which fits with the Trust’s mission statement and those it treats and supports.

Euini says Anxiety New Zealand Trust looks forward to the fresh start that the new name represents, but stresses that the valuable services provided by the organization will not change.

“We will continue to provide the highest-quality services, education and support to the community,” says Euini. “Building on our 34-year history, we are looking forward to the future as we focus on collaboration, growth and sustainability.”

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  1. Natasha E B Reply

    Hi there, I think the name change to from phobic trust was a much needed name change to reflect and clarify the different aspects of anxiety and related disorders that this organisation deals with. I think members of the public, in Auckland, will now have a much easier time locating the support and help they need.

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