Closure of The Phobic Trust Wellington Anxiety Disorders Clinic

It was with tremendous sadness that we closed down our Wellington clinic on the 14th of March 2014. Our Wellington Anxiety Disorders Clinic had a fantastic crew who helped a great many Wellingtonians move from fear to freedom over a number of years.

Since the loss of a valuable DHB contract in 2009, we faced an uphill battle meeting the increasing operational and overhead costs needed for keeping the clinic open. The Anxiety New Zealand Trust board and management team fought really hard to keep our vital Wellington service running, but in the end the decision was out of our hands.

The excellent news is that all current clients of the Wellington clinic were successfully transferred to a similar, local clinical service. Our deep thanks and best wishes go out to Justin Meade (Practice Manager), Michael Burrows (Clinical Psychologist), Lucy Locke (Counselling Psychologist) and Jeanette Thompson (Office Manager). We also had some amazing clinicians at the Wellington Clinic over the years and our heartfelt thanks and best wishes go out to them.

We’d also like to thank the excellent teams at Compass HealthWell Health and all the partners, sponsors, supporters and friends of the Wellington Anxiety Disorders clinic.

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