Our Mission

If you live in the Auckland region and experience anxiety, panic attacks or phobias, we are committed to helping you make the journey to wellness.

We do this regardless of your financial situation, ethnic background or previous experience of mental health treatment.

It doesn’t matter to us if your experience of anxiety, panic attack or phobia is:

  • New or life-long
  • Mild, moderate, or severe
  • Something that seems impossible to fix
  • Affecting you as an adult or your young children or teenagers

Our long-term mission involves:

  • Breaking down the stigmas and ignorance around anxiety, panic and phobic conditions that still exist in New Zealand today

  • Stimulating awareness and education around clinical treatment that works

  • Helping as many people as we can to experience recovery and make the journey to wellness

  • Provide input for ongoing research into the cause and management of anxiety disorders

Our treatment is clinically proven. It works.

New Vision

To help New Zealanders who experience anxiety conditions make the journey to wellness by providing them with the best possible treatment, support and understanding.

Our Mission Statement

The Anxiety New Zealand Trust aims to improve the recognition of anxiety disorders in NZ, provide treatment and support to people with anxiety related conditions and their families through the provision of high quality clinical services, the experience of service users, and the dedication of support and volunteer staff. The Trust will advocate for funding and support research into the determinants and treatment of anxiety disorders.